Main Attractions near Hotel Moka in Las Terrazas


Buenavista Restauranteeeee

Buenavista RestaurantLocated in the ruins of an equal country property it names dedicated to the cultivation of the grain of coffee been founded by French immigrants, here the history of the cultivation of the grain in the area, to beginnings of the XIX century, is one of the strong plates that find the vacationers. It is an excellent viewpoint, it is located exactly in the narrowest part in Cuba, where of coast to alone coast is 32 kilometers.

Rancho Curujey

Rancho CurujeyOne of the most attractive and relaxing restaurants thanks to their location next to a lake and in front of the mountain, with an offer that is based to serve exquisite plates of the Cuban cuisine.

Baños del Río San Juan

Baños del Río San JuanLocated very near the community center, where one can enjoy natural pools, those which still in time of dry reach up to five meters deep, because their supply source is the springs of underground waters.

Casa del Campesino

Casa del Campesino Courtyard

For the Creole food, with the habits and the rural inhabitants' of the island customs, even built with the materials of natural origin, the patio with domestic animals, fruit-bearing trees and gardens.

Fonda Las Mercedes

Conceived as a space that facilitates the visitor's contact with the Cuban local family with base in the rescue of the culinary traditions of the same one.

The Ecological Station of Sierra de Rosario

It belongs to the Center of Investigations and Environmental Services of the county pinareña. That station develops studies and inspection of the biodiversity and its environment in the territory. Has carried out the inventory flora and fauna of the Reservation and it is the rector and specialized guide of the tourist activities. Also carries out studies of environmental impact and it is the vanguard of the education and environmental popularization.

Ecological excursions

Starting from the Hotel Moka they are carried out traveled by the paths Cañada del Infierno, La Serafina, Las Delicias, Terracero and El Taburete among other.

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