Village Rooms at Las Terrazas

Village Room in Las Terrazas


The Villages or Community Rooms are specially advisable for those that want to come closer to the life of the local community, to know to their residents and the local customs. The rooms are enclosed to the houses although very near to the hotel. They are very roomy, ventilated and with natural abundant light. The roof is kind of a wooden net and you plant. The shower is located "out" of the room, outdoors. All have Hot and Cold Water, Air conditioning, Double Beds, Bathroom, Television for satellite, Terraces or balcony.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

Welcome to my site dedicated to the Hotel Moka in Las Terrazas, Pinar del Rio. I am "poco a poco" researching and updating it with the aim to provide as complete as possible record of the hotel's ancient and recent history;; bearing in mind that the goings-on today may one day be of historical interest.

My site is NOT the official website of the current hotel operator, and is by no means endorsed by them; but I am grateful for their help with the research and supplying some of the photographs.

You can make from this site room reservations through the Bizloco eTravel System operated by Cubaism Ltd which has a direct contract with the current hotel operator.

Best wishes for 2008

Nigel Alexander Hunt